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  1. Mar 28,  · I called the national SSA number back today, and held for 52 minutes, only to be told by the girl there that my account does not show a CDR. She said it is "unknown." I asked what needs to be done to find out what the date is. She said "There is nothing that needs to be done. When they decide to review you, you will receive notice and a form.".
  2. Jun 27,  · Most people will tell you to drive miles, but there is no set mileage. You have to complete what is called a "drive cycle". During a drive cycle, the computer test the emissions under multiple conditions. Driving under 25 mph w/ engine cold, under 25 mph w/ engine hot, over 50 mph cold & hot and between mph cold & hot. This is an example.
  3. So you get 1 per difficulty for a total of 3. After that if you want more you need to get Essences and cube them to a restat Token. Essences are found in hell from: Twisted Essence of Suffering(Andy) Charged Essense of Hatred(Meph) Burning Essence of Terror(Diablo) Festering Essence of Destruction(Baal) After getting 1 of each cube them.