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  1. The cranial border is thin, convex above and concave below. The caudal border is thick, presents the nutrient foramen in the lower third and is rough for deltoideus, teres major and long head of triceps gispunopgezabonlajanzworlturotve.xyzinfo vertebral border is thick, pitted and carries in life the scapular cartilage, the unossified part of the fetal scapula. The medial face of the cartilage gives attachment to the.
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  5. The scapula, better known as the shoulder blade, is a triangular bone that serves as a joining force between the clavicle and the humerus. This bone is located posteriorly (on the back half of the body). The scapula plays an important role in stabilizing the other bones involved in the rhythm of shoulder motion. Many muscles are located in the.
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  7. Each scapula is a roughly triangular-shaped bone that is important for connecting the arm to the torso. The largest section of the bone is located posterior to the ribcage, but each scapula has two bony arms that curve around anteriorly and are part of the shoulder gispunopgezabonlajanzworlturotve.xyzinfo landmarks of the scapula. Important bony landmarks on the scapula.
  8. Mar 23,  · The scapula is commonly referred to as the shoulder blade. It connects the humerus bone of the arm to the collarbone. There are only three muscles that .