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  2. Titania (also known as Tiandra) was the Summer Queen of the Feywild, leader of the Summer Fey, and possibly the mightiest of all archfey. She was also known as the Faerie Queen and the Queen of Light and led the Seelie Court. Titania appeared as an eladrin of immense beauty. Her skin was the color of honey and her hair shimmered in all of the colors of autumn leaves. Her eyes glowed with gold Missing: Slipstream.
  3. Titania’s diameter is 1, km and it is the largest of all of the moons of Uranus and the eighth largest moon in the entire solar system. Of the five major moons, it is also the second farthest moon from its parent planet. Titania is tilted slightly towards Uranus’ equator. It has an orbital and rotational period that are both exactly Missing: Slipstream.
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  5. Titania [Ty-TAY-ne-ah] is the largest moon of Uranus. It is marked by a few large impact basins, but is generally covered with small craters and very rough rocks. The above image shows a 1, kilometer (1, mile) long trench. A large double walled crater can be seen towards the top of the image. There Missing: Slipstream.
  6. Titania is Uranus' largest moon. Images taken by Voyager 2 almost years after Titania's discovery revealed signs that the moon was geologically active. A prominent system of fault valleys, some nearly 1, miles (1, kilometers) long, is visible near the terminator (shadow line). The troughs break the crust in two directions, an Missing: Slipstream.
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