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  1. Mar 16,  · The Shemarrian Holy Caste model of Bio-Mechanical Gynoids are one of the most big experiments of ARCHIE 3, and one of the most risky ones. When A3 was taken "hostage" by the Mechanoids, they fused their minds with him, and that's enough for A3 for start's having dreams of new Mechanoid designs, and he become aware of how mechanoids were.
  2. Kizuna AI (Japanese: キズナアイ, Hepburn: Kizuna Ai), is a Japanese virtual YouTuber and self-proclaimed artificial intelligence. As of , she is the largest virtual Youtuber on Youtube with over 4 million subscribers across three channels (A.I Channel, A.I. Games, A.I Channel China) as well as another 1 million subscribers on the Chinese streaming/video sharing platform bilibili.
  3. May 08,  · In Love With: a Fairground Ride. Amy Wolfe Weber is a church organist in Pennsylvania, and is married to an foot magic carpet-themed ride called the Nachts, featured in Knoebels Amusement Park. This was after a courtship that consisted of 3, rides over the course of ten years. She even changed her surname to Weber, after the manufacturer of the ride.
  4. A story about how synthetic humans can feel and even love and how the people they are involved with react to this concept. Director: Drake Doremus | Stars: Ewan McGregor, Léa Seydoux, Theo James, Rashida Jones. / The Fultons delight in the sadistic torture of servants, but, may have met their match when a new robot maid arrives.
  5. Damage to the digits seems to be one of Glokta's preferred methods of torture, notably used near the end of the trilogy when he chops off all of Severard's fingers on one hand, joint by joint. Though not gory, the descriptions of Craw's constantly-chewed fingernails in The Heroes are unpleasant.
  6. Dec 11,  · Torture tourism is an illegal sport in Easytown—unless the victim is a clone, then nobody cares. They’re little more than property in the eyes of the gispunopgezabonlajanzworlturotve.xyzinfo Detective Zach Forrest discovers the mutilated bodies of three clones in a garbage compactor, he’s dismayed that no one wants anything to do with the gispunopgezabonlajanzworlturotve.xyzinfos:
  7. Gotta' love her artwork. XDXD Centcomm 21st Jan , PM edit delete reply. yep.. kinda looks like a little kid did it.. another thing about DC Androids.. they don't do everything perfectly:D Those that are used to Cassians probably don't think gynoids could do anything LIKE that! =O Tokamada01 21st Jan , PM edit delete.
  8. Jul 29,  · "Russian Neo Nazis have been advised by a top-ranking supremacist to create fake profiles on a popular Russian social network, gispunopgezabonlajanzworlturotve.xyzinfo, and lure in gay male teenagers in order to torture .