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  1. After their highly praised and sold out Shaper and Mechanist debut and several successful EPs, the Montreal-based, Canadian duo Headscan are ready for the release of their stunning and visionary second album. Pattern Recognition is packed with futuristic dancefloor pounding music and entangling dark vivid soundscapes.
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  5. Mar 17,  · The free pattern software download is a little bit tough to navigate at first but once you get it going its unreal at how well it works. I don't think anyone else I've ever read about has done so much in this area, let alone offer it all for free.
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  8. Aug 13,  · HEADSCAN´s second album is a real kick. You shall hear great future pop in the vein of early Covenant oder Kirlian Camera meeting with even more dark rhythms like Klinik. HEADSCAN present a great variety of sounds and melodies made for the fog-veiled dancefloor/5(34).