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  1. Immersion’s works closely with its ecosystem partners to build high-quality digital touch experience. We can help you chose the right part to deliver the haptic experience you envisioned. Looking for a haptic hardware supplier. Committed to innovation.
  2. Cordless immersion blenders are convenient in a busy kitchen. Just keep in mind that batteries can drain relatively quickly, so they might not work for tougher blending tasks. Most small hand blenders can also overheat when used for longer than one minute at a time, so they’re best for small jobs. Comfort.
  3. Immersion is the act of dipping something in a substance, completely covering it. It might be something physical, such as plunging your body into water, or metaphorical, .
  4. immersion definition: 1. the fact of becoming completely involved in something: 2. the process of learning a language or. Learn more.
  5. Jun 03,  · immersion (countable and uncountable, plural immersions) The act of immersing or the condition of being immersed. The total submerging of a person in water as an act of baptism. , Risto Uro, Ritual and Christian Beginnings, Oxford University Press, page
  6. Jul 09,  · Immersion Corp. engages in the creation, design, development and licensing of patented haptic innovations and software. The company offers touch .
  7. Immersion teams will meet times in the weeks leading up to the immersion (Mondays pm) and all participants will attend a weekend retreat intended for team building and reflection on themes that will be deepened through the immersion itself. Immersion participants commit to attending all team meetings and the pre-immersion retreat.