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  1. • You talking to other girls in a bar or nightclub in front of her • You hinting that you're unavailable a weekend night, without saying why • You mentioning how cute or pretty another girl is to her If you lost her because you made her feel unwanted, or because you hurt her, though -- do not do this.
  2. Male and female alike, emotional hurt or damage can be seen in any kind of self-destructive or self-defeating behavior as well as in some seemingly positive pursuits that are too heavily attention-seeking.
  3. When you hurt a strong girl, you are going to lose her in every possible way. You are going to be erased from all of her social media accounts. Your name is going to be deleted from her phone and from her vocabulary. You are going to become a part of her past, because she is not the kind of person who allows toxicity to linger in her life.
  4. Jun 15,  · The girl you've hurt can't truly get over it until she has time to process the pain you've caused her and admit the depth of her anger. Depending on how seriously you've hurt her, that process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. However, it's .
  5. The girl you hurt is going to have baggage because of you. She is going to have trouble accepting the love she is given in the future because she isn’t used to such kindness. She is used to being taken for granted. Even though the next person she dates is going to be nothing like you, she will still worry that he will end up like you.
  6. Girl, you're gonna hurt somebody Make somebody bleed Yeah, you're gonna hurt somebody God, I hope it's me There's a simple truth to the morning sun Things don't change, they just light up A frontier mind and a restless heart Girl, you can't change the way you are Yeah, you're gonna hurt somebody Make somebody bleed Yeah, you're gonna hurt.
  7. Mar 23,  · Exhaust all other options before you tell a girl directly that you aren’t interested in her. Since she has feelings for you, she will most likely be hurt and embarrassed if you reject her so harshly. Keep your conversations with her relatively brief and don’t deviate too much from small talk.
  8. Sep 02,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Artie Wayne - I Hurt That Girl YouTube; Artie Wayne - Where Does a Rock & Roll Singer Go - Duration: Bonneville66 1, views. Lonely.