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  1. The so-called “White Album” was innovative; the first LP cover to come out with no picture! It was creativity to the nth degree, man! Without it, AC/DC’s “Back In Black”, for example.
  2. Vultures by mods, released 1. Claws 2. Big Beatiful 3. She 4. Horses' Green 5. Low 6. Vultures 7. Modesty 8. Reverb of the New World.
  3. Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of a re- mastered gram vinyl edition of the classic album Live in Concert with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra by Procol Harum. This edition has been newly re-mastered and cut at Abbey Road Studios and includes a bonus 7-inch single which is a facsimile of a rare French picture.
  4. The title of Space Afrika's second album, Somewhere Decent to Live, is immediately evocative. You already know the Manchester-based duo's mentality: access, respect, environment and scope.
  5. Win Some X Lose Some EP by Like Vultures, released 21 October 1. Say Goodbye 2. Cringe 3. Not A Saint 4. Weakest Link 5. If I Was The Devil 6. Undesirable #1 7. Lost In Limbo.
  6. The album remains a wonderful, well executed and simple record that sounds as fresh as ever. Both the vinyl and the inner/outer sleeves are of a high quality. There is a very slight amount of background rumble using a fine line stylus but the audio is massively engaging and detailed/5().
  7. John Frusciante 12 Album Vinyl Lp Lot Newsealed Rare Oop Personal Collection John Frusciante - $2, Album Vinyl Frusciante Lp Rare John Lot Newsealed Collection Oop 12 Personal John Frusciante. 5 Starbucks Metal Cards 4 -all With 50 Credit-complete-newrareoop 5 Starbucks - $2,
  8. Buried Truth by Jannine Gallant is the first book in the new romantic suspense series Siren Cove. The story introduces Leah Grayson who is a teacher in Siren Cove that has decided as a learning experience for her fifth grade class that it is time to organize a reunion of her own fifth grade class that buried a time capsule in order to unearth the capsule and share what had been in it/5(35).