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  1. Nov 14,  · We call it Halley’s Comet. Named after Edmund Halley of course. So, his theory proved true after all. He also spoke of the hollow earth. Marshall Gardner patented in the Hollow Earth theory. He spent a lot of his time and money researching and going on expeditions to bring proof and document information supporting this theory.
  2. The hollow earth theory so vividly, thru Hus own discoveries of mathematics and mass, that when he had hu Is portrait painted he made sure to have a picture of his hollow earth theory sitting on his leg as a kind of symbol of his try feelings and the importance he dealt upon the theorem!
  3. The Hollow Earth Theory has been described as the “mother of all conspiracy theories” (by us, just now). Aetherforce. At first glance, the theory—really, more of a hypothesis—seems laughably silly. The Earth, according to the theory, is completely hollow, and there’s an entire civilization living at the core.
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  5. The hollow earth conspiracy is not a modern belief, by any means. The idea that the earth is hollow goes back for centuries. The first accounts of the hollow earth sound rather, how would you say it, fantastical, but none-the-less, garner a mention or two.
  6. The Dark Chambers is an action packed documentary film that excavates the ancient stories, oral traditions and religious beliefs surrounding the hollow earth complex; spotlighting the realm of the immortals, hybrid creatures, civilizations of giants and strange entities inhabiting these dark chambers.
  7. Symmes devoted the rest of his life garnering support for a hollow earth expedition, but fell sick during a trip to Quebec to give a lecture on his theory. Though he died before his journey ever came to fruition, his ambition inspired Arctic exploration and the first trip to Antarctica in
  8. An early twentieth-century proponent of hollow Earth, William Reed, wrote Phantom of the Poles in He supported the idea of a hollow Earth, but without interior shells or inner sun. The spiritualist writer Walburga, Lady Paget in her book Colloquies with an unseen friend () was an early writer to mention the hollow earth theory.