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  1. grandfeathered by pinkshinyultrablast buy online at resident, shoegaze synth-rock straight out of saint petersburg - a mesmerising follow up to their PINKSHINYULTRABLAST kiddy pool dreams. this is an album that consistently demonstrates diversity and eclectic ambition with influences on this record pointing towards a new direction for.
  2. Recent single 'Kiddy Pool Dreams' features on the album. Described by Stereogum as "A flashback to the glory days of '90s alt-rock, which builds into thundering instrumental interludes. In between are trickling synths and echoing vocals backed by a rhythmic danceable guitar.".
  3. Dec 10,  · Five-piece Russian shoegazers Pinkshinyultrablast are one of a few new shoegaze bands this year that bring fresh air to the genre and reach beyond mere throwback. They released a debut album.
  4. i havent heard too much good shoegaze in the past few years, but this album gave me some. honestly i couldnt understand the lyrics all too well, considering they were very drawn out and the singer had a russian accent, but i tried and got some of it. the riffs on this LP were spectacular, really aggressive but mellow at the same time. the majority of the album consisted of a buildup in each.
  5. While Everything Else Matters proved that Pinkshinyultrablast were adept at creating dreamy, overdriven shoegaze with nods to s-era indie electronic pop, on Grandfeathered they add an intriguing prog rock element to their sound, twisting and contorting time signatures and typically building tracks out to epic six-minute lengths. Instead of sounding bombastic and overblown, the songs build 8/
  6. Pinkshinyultrablast - Grandfeathered review: A little too comfortable with its modesty, Grandfeathered is beautiful, but deserves some more transforming. the cutesy-surreal album cover and the innocent, and quite frankly, wonderful song titles ("Glow Vastly," "Kiddy Pool Dreams") all point to a very specific package. And the band does.
  7. Grandfeathered is a more experimental listen compared with their debut album, it's the sound of a band unafraid to try new things and embrace those fine lines between visceral noise and restrained subtlety. The band on their new sound: "The new album has been recorded and mixed much faster than the previous one.
  8. The rapturous cooing delivers on the promise on song titles like "Glow Vastly," "Comet Marbles," and "Kiddy Pool Dreams," but not much else. Surely, Grandfeathered is impressive, but the first.