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  1. With albums as beautifully molodic and immaculately produced as Sandra's 'Into A Secret Land' it almost seems tragic that it never broke into American or English markets, for it exceeds anything else coming out on a purely pop level. Which is what this album is really. Pure pop. Not trite, but not challenging on the ear, just a pleasurable indulgence/5(32).
  2. Celebrate Your Life Sandra. Album Into a Secret Land. You celebrate your life An' with a one-way-ticket You fly up to the sky An' earth below is blue.
  3. The album was released in February and debuted at number 16 on the German album chart. Three singles were released from the album, although none with a music video. Michael Cretu produced her /5(74).
  4. Celebrate Your Life brings together the greatest spiritual visionaries of our time in extraordinary and uplifting destinations for up close and personal interactions that truly transform lives.. The perfect blend of spiritual and personal growth teachings, outdoor adventures, and a heart-centered tribe cocooned in the nation’s most desirable destinations make Celebrate Your Life events and.
  5. Jul 12,  · All the songs of the album in mix - click the time line to go direct to the song. Secret Land reverce re-mix We'll Be Together album extended mix Heaven Can Wait classical mix .
  6. All Songs on this album are Very Catchy, and the Album was Produced by Michael Cretu, the Creator of Enigma, and also Sandra's husband. Songs here Truly Take you into a Magical "Secret Land", and make you forget all your problems. Especially a song like "Vista De Luna" that puts me right on the Tropical Paradise Beach.
  7. Sandra Into A Secret Land Children Of England (Kemmler/Lohr - Hirschburger/Kemmler) child a child plays in silence runnin' wild he's never comin' home king for a night for a night children of England why do you run for your lives when you need someone i'm gonna show my children of England don't have to stand here aside this reign has started.
  8. Dec 31,  · Secret Land We'll Be Together Heaven Can Wait Around My Heart Crazy Juliet Celebrate Your Life Hiroshima Life May Be - A Big Insanity Lovelight In Your .
  9. Sandra (Saarbrücken, május ), születési nevén Sandra Ann Lauer (asszonynevén Sandra Cretu, majd Sandra Menges), német popénekesnő.Az Arabesque trió vezető énekesnőjeként szerzett magának nemzetközi hírnevet. től szólistaként dolgozik. Rövid időn belül ő lett az első számú német popdíva, s ezt a pozícióját évekig meg tudta őrizni.